Web-based applications for collection
management and publication

The SKINsoft IT lab

SKINsoft is a 21st century IT lab specializing in the latest generation of collection management and publication systems for a wide variety of cultural institutions: museums, corporate and private collections, oral history, film archives libraries etc. Our solutions are entirely secure and technologically unique: they are the result of a scientific research and more than 42,000 hours of development carried out in collaboration with professionals working in the preservation and cultural heritage management fields.

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Our solutions

SKINsoft has developed the latest-generation of collection management systems featuring state-of-the-art capabilities, exceptional performance and user-friendliness. The solutions are created from multiple modules, which can be easily assembled together depending on your needs. they communicate with each other and are all accessed via the same interface.  

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As a growing international company, SKINsoft works with over 150 institutions across the world and continues to form new and varied partnerships.

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